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Satelec Scaler Tip PD4 - Sordent
  • SKU: SAPD4

Satelec Scaler Tip PD4

€24,90 excl. BTW
  • Barcode: 18187688

Used to remove subgingival tartar.

Suitable for Satalec air scaler handpiece,

An ultrasonic scaler allows the dentist to remove tartar from the teeth in a very gentle way, causing minimal or no damage to your teeth and tooth roots, which is critical. Part of the goal of dental hygiene is to make tooth surfaces nice and smooth, because the smoother the surface, the harder it is for plaque to reattach.

High wear resistance is one of the most important properties of ultrasonic tips.


  • Hint: PD4
  • Satelec
  • Used to remove subgingival tartar.