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Hardmetalen boor / Carbide boor FG57 0,10 mm (10 st) - Sordent
  • SKU: CBFG57

Tungsten carbide drill / Carbide drill FG57 0.10 mm (10 pcs)

€22,50 excl. BTW
  • Barcode: 67675304

Tungsten Carbide Burs FG57

001/010 4.0/19.0

Tungsten carbide bur/drills, carbide bur/drills are essential in a dental office and dental laboratory. These drills are used in dentistry for grinding in hard materials such as crowns and bridges and metals.

Sturdy Diamond drill round shank made of 1 piece of hardened stainless steel and several evenly distributed layers of diamond. Suitable for multiple purposes. Delivered per 10 drills!

FG57 FG standard cylinder smooth cutting head 1.0mm carbide drill

ISO Number: 500,314,107,006,010
Diameter (⌀ 1/10mm) 10
Cutting length (mm) 4
Length (mm) 19
Shaft Type 314-FG Standard
Shaft Diameter (mm) 1.6
Cup shape
Head finish
Smooth cut