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Diamantboor Medium 524 FG 172 - 0,12 mm (10 st) - Sordent
Diamantboor Medium 524 FG 172 - 0,12 mm (10 st) - Sordent
  • SKU: SDTF-08

Diamond drill medium 524 FG 172 - 0.12 mm (10 pcs)

€10,75 excl. BTW
  • Barcode: 49685672

Diamond Burs TF-08

172/012 8.0/22.0

Diamond burs are essential in a dental office. These drills are used in dentistry to grind/prepare elements and restorative material and to finish the restoration.

Sturdy Diamond drill round shank made of 1 piece of hardened stainless steel and several evenly distributed layers of diamond. Suitable for multiple purposes. Delivered per 10 drills!

172-012M/TF-08 FG Standard Flat Cone/Taper Head 1.2mm Blue Diamond Bur

ISO Number: 806.314.172.524.012
Diameter (⌀ 1/10mm) 12
Cutting length (mm) 8
Length (mm) 22
Shaft Type 314-FG Standard
Shaft Diameter (mm) 1.6
Cup shape
TF – Taper Flat point
Grain 524-Medium
Colour Blue