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An ultrasonic scaler allows the dentist to remove tartar from the teeth in a very gentle way, causing minimal or no damage to your teeth and tooth roots, which is critical. Part of the goal of dental hygiene is to make tooth surfaces nice and smooth, because the smoother the surface, the harder it is for plaque to reattach.

Ultrasonic scalers use ultrasonic techniques to remove deposits from teeth and molars. They work mechanically using high vibration energy which effectively blows away tartar making it easier to remove. Ultrasonic scalers also create shocks that break down the bacteria so that the plaque bacteria and tartar can be hygienically rinsed off the teeth with a small jet of water or an antibacterial mouthwash sprayed from the top of the scaler. The jet of water helps to cool the tip of the ultrasonic scaler and is very effective in washing away the dirt from the treated tooth. The turbulent action caused by the vibrating tip of the ultrasonic scaler also causes some of the water to break into small bubbles. These bubbles help fight and break down the bacteria and create an oxygen-rich environment that is more hostile to harmful anaerobic or oxygen-hating bacteria.

Originally, ultrasonic scalers were only used to remove deposits on the tooth surfaces visible in the mouth, but they can also be used subcutaneously, meaning they can remove deposits on the gums just below the gum line, cleaning the surface of the tooth roots without to damage it. While teeth are covered in a hard layer of enamel, tooth roots are covered in something called cementum, which is much softer than enamel and easier to damage, so it's vital that any tartar deposits on tooth roots are carefully removed. Ultrasonic scalers can be especially helpful if there are signs of gum problems.

Scaling is precision work. The correct choice of the ultrasound instrument is of primary importance for achieving a complete periodontal treatment. Our wide variety of scaler tips gives you the freedom to choose the right dental scaler.