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Surgical scissors in all shapes and sizes. Surgical scissors are very suitable within the dental field for cutting gums, gingival margins, tissue, seams, mucosa, for a diverse range of purposes, such as cutting bandages, plasters, cuticles or sutures, sutures and wires.

Depending on the work area, various scissors are available to the dentist with a variation in shape, size, material and type of scissors.

The scissors including scissor blades or cutting edges are made of high quality stainless steel and are fully sterilizable. The scissors are designed to be both user-friendly and well-functioning. The scissors are in fact equipped with high-quality hard steel, which makes it easier and smoother to cut without any loss of function. The finger rings are fully assembled and polished with care to provide a flexible and user-friendly experience. The carefully designed rings in the scissors also prevent fatigue in the fingers during a treatment. Due to the use of high quality steel, an increased lifespan of the scissors is fully guaranteed. As a result, the scissors stay sharp on their cutting edges for longer and are therefore part of a durable product.