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Ongeperforeerd Afdruklepel (onder- en bovenfront) betand anatomisch - Sordent
  • SKU: SD7207

Unperforated Impression tray (lower and upper front) toothed anatomically

€5,85 excl. BTW

Impression tray

Impression trays available in all sizes and shapes suitable for making an impression of your teeth or jaw (processes). An impression can be useful for making crowns or bridges, for prosthetic purposes (false teeth), for dental analysis or for orthodontic purposes.


  • Closed / Unperforated
  • Tooth (dentate)
  • Bottom and top front
  • With retention edge / fixing edge
  • Anatomical

Sizes (mm)

Size (mm) XXS XS S m L XL
55 60 72 74 76 78
47 49 54 57 59 61