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Mondspiegel Vlak 22 mm (12 st.) - Sordent
  • SKU: AD2200E-4

Mouth mirror Flat 22 mm (12 pcs.)

€10,20 excl. BTW
  • Barcode: +D7310895304

Mouth mirror Flat 22 mm

Dental mirrors are a mainstay of just about every dentist. Typically, hand mirrors allow dentists and dental hygienists to see different parts of the mouth and examine a patient's teeth and gums from different angles. These mirrors should be small enough to maneuver into the patient's mouth and sit comfortably in the doctor's hand. The mirrors are designed for sterilization, it is important to have a supply of dental mirrors available throughout the day.


  • stainless steel / stainless steel;
  • Screw thread;
  • Right;
  • Size: 22 mm;
  • Packed per 12 pcs.