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Rubberdam or cofferdam instruments consist of different types, each with its own function. Rubber dam tools can be used, among other things, to perforate a rubber dam with holes of different sizes that correspond to the size of the tooth to be isolated. Also known as the rubber dam punching pliers, perforator or punching pliers. The size and position of the tooth to be isolated determines the orientation of the holes. The punch pin pierces a hole in the rubber dam. When the handle of the rubber dam is closed, the punch pin touches the punch plate, which has serrated edges, to make a 'clean' punch or hole.

Rubber dam instruments also consist of high quality stainless steel frames to hold the rubber dam in position. The rubber dam clamping pliers are used again to position the rubber dam clamps on the teeth. The rubber dam clamping pliers release automatically as soon as the rubber dam clamp is placed on the tooth.

A rubber dam clamp in combination with a rubber dam, frame, rubber dam clamping forceps and perforating forceps can be used in dentistry for:

  • root canal treatments;
  • treating cavities;
  • Protecting the gums during bleaching;
  • Removing fillings;
  • Protecting the tooth or molar during the application of a layer of lacquer (sealant) in children.